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A guide for Zombies and life

Motorcycle Riding Gloves Are the Best For the Apocalypse

Motorcycle Riding Gloves, Our Choice for Zombie Protection.

Motorcycle Riding Gloves, Our Choice for Zombie Protection.

Protecting your hands at all times is an absolute must whether you need to do some work fortifying your position, grabbing a piece of wood to swing at zombies, or just to keep zombies from biting your hands, your hands are one of the most important parts of your body. We have found one type of glove really out plays the rest which is motorcycle riding glove. Motorcycle riding gloves are very tough and in case of motorcycle accident the back of the glove where the knuckles are have a meal plate that gives these glove an almost brass knuckle feel. Also motorcycle chopper gloves come fitted and will strap around the wrist for extra protection and wrist support.

With motorcycle riding gloves you can actually use a fist and punch zombie off of you with out worry about them biting you and the extra weight of the glove will give you extra power and force behind each punch and swing. Now you can grab a zombie and toss them around with no problem.

The specific type of motorcycle glove we are referring too will have a rubber type grip on the fingers and palms, a back hand metal skid plate, wrist strap, and all fingers covered. These gloves usually run $35.00 to $79.00 depending on the brand and style but as long as you have our checklist of things these gloves are the best you can get in complete zombie protection for your hands.

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