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A guide for Zombies and life

About Us

Keys Zombie Guide is a basic guide into the survival of the undead, there are many types of dangers involved in protecting yourself from these nasty vermin and we are here as an information portal. We have researched high and low for all of the most valuable information to keep your self and your loved ones alive for each passing dead. We are also here to prepare you for the best and the worst of times, if or when the Zombie Apocalypse comes.

Most of your continuation of life will fall mostly one your own shoulders and the burden of your loved ones as well so it is good to always be prepared for the worst an have a plan in place. If you do not have a plan in place this guide will at least give you insight of what you should do in an emergency situation.

For you non-believers that the Zombie Apocalypse will come  use this guide for a fun look into the world of Zombie Survival. For the believers then take heed to all of our tricks, tactics, and strategies to avoid the undead and help your self to the basic survival course.

We agree that most of the legend and folklore to Zombies is fictional, but it does not hurt to be over prepared. We ask you as our readers to ask any questions or concerns you may have about our articles, and even ask for our opinions on any Zombie subject, with out all of us putting our heads together and thinking about each situation it is hard to come up with great solutions to common problems.