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A guide for Zombies and life

Zombie Plush Pillows – Cute, Cuddly, and Vicious

Cute Zombie Plush Pillows

Cute Zombie Plush Pillows

These plush Zombie fold out pillows are perfect for anyone, they are very soft plush dolls that can fold up into a Zombie or be unfolded for a comfortable travel pillow or kids pillow. each one is made with pure Zombie love and come in 2 styles one for boys and one for girls. Made of light soft but durable soft cotton and filled with ultra plush soft stiffing when you lay your head on these undead buddies you will be in pure bliss.

These plush zombie pillows are great to plop on the couch when you need a squeeze buddy during a scary movie. or if you want him/her for purely couch or love seat decoration fluff.

Take your plush zombie to your office and show him/her off to your office mates and when you need to take a break lay it out and rest your head or if you have a bad back leave the Zombie in the folded position and squeeze is between your chair and back.

Makes a great gift for kids and training them not to be afraid of zombies in the future. Less fear of Zombies makes people better survivalists.

No matter how you look at it these Zombie pals are perfect for any zombie fan.

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