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Zombie Cosplague with Pauline

Pauline Zombie Cosplay Cosplague with Teddy Bear

Pauline Zombie Cosplay Cosplague with Teddy Bear

Pauline is a normal girl who loves zombies, so what does this girl do? She becomes what she loves. Pauline is a part of one of the largest Zombie beauty pageants in Southern California put on by Forbidden Panel and she is one of the front runners for the 3rd Annual Inland empire Zombie Beauty Pageant for 2013.

Pauline will be competing against the best of the best when it comes to pure zombie art and make-up but it’s not all about the look. This competition requires a talent contest, swimwear, and evening gown including a competition on which zombie dies the best.

Pauline is currenlty looking for sponsors in the Redlands area and is working hard to become the best zombie she can be and that is why here at Key’s Zombie Guide she has our vote. Most zombies are lazy and lack initiation to ask for zombie help when needed but she is a go-getter and there is nothing worse than a starving zombie. So with her zombie limp stroll through Redlands promoting herself as well as focusing on her goal to be the best zombie ever she is absolutely a top contender.

Pauline the Ultimate  Zombie Cosplague Cosplay character.

Pauline the Ultimate Zombie Cosplague Cosplay character.

She has already gotten a few sponsors including Blackbird Bows and Sterling Company and

The 3rd Annual Inland Empire Zombie Beauty Pageant will be held on Sunday, October 27th, 2013 from 7:00pm until 10:00pm in Redlands, California at the Fox Event Center. Tickets are only 12 dollars for presale and 15 at the door and includes a seat in the Fox Banquet hall, formal attire and costumes are requested except for more zombies. You can support her by purchasing a ticket direct from her, or her sponsors. To purchase a ticket direct from her add her group to your face book and ask her personally.

Make sure you look for Pauline and check out her facebook group at:

Along with everything surrounding her goals she is also being followed by MTV True Life where she is being documented into their series.

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