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A guide for Zombies and life

Will Surgical or Medical Gowns Protect Me?

Surgical and Medical Gowns are great to ward off airborne viruses, and any other types of illnesses connected with saliva, germs or flu. But as for a protection against Zombie attacks then these gowns will not protect you at all. In fact because of the light, easily tear-able materials we would suggest not to use this as protection at all.

Out of the research we have acquired, the Zombie virus is transferred by bites, scratches, or a transfer of blood. It is not an Airborne virus that can effect you through breathing or saliva. You must treat the Zombie virus much like rabies.

According to a 1992 Tulane University study, Medical and Surgical gowns are not always effective against blood and fluids.

The best types of clothing you can find at the local Salvation Army and Army Surplus stores. Most military spec pants and jackets are made of 100% rip-stop cotton they are heavy and will give you the movement you need to combat Zombies and not worry about scratches in close encounter situations. Military boots are also made to protect your feet, ankles, and an extra 4 inches of protection, they can not be pulled off and are great to kick a Zombie off of you.

If you have open wounds make sure you have them covered well and look into water proof bandages so that no zombie blood can infect the cuts or gashes.

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