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Wasteland Weekend in H Park, California City, California

Wasteland Weekend 2012

Enjoy 4 days or wrecking havoc around the desert at Wasteland Weekend. This group does a live 4 day event every year celebrating the coming soon, End of the world apocalypse. Hundreds of people congregate to set up camp, and meet up with people with a similar interests in mind.

The people of Wateland Weekend come to have fun and dress up while partying to live music and enjoy great company. For some Wastelanders this is a lifestyle that they live as an apocalypse prep-pers. Other people come for the training for the end of the world. And others can not wait for the badlands/wastelands, with the fall of governments from a depleted resource earth times.

Whatever your motive is for going costumes are an absolute must and when you show up bashfulness goes out the window. You can feel free in your own skin or cover up in leather or chain mail armor whatever you feel is what you believe the wasteland should be.

Wasteland entertainment includes 4  full days and night of Bands, live DJ’s, dancers, bonfires, and more.

Huge special built sets of huge fortified compounds with walls and beautiful women on top of towers protecting the camp. Magnificent vehicle machines built like if you were in the movie Mad Max. The wasteland compound is fun, safe, and has never had any problems.

This is a completely and 18 and over adult event so don’t worry about crazy young kids, or bringing yours.

Click on this link to learn more: Wasteland Weekend

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