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Warm Bodies: Movie Trailer

Zombies can fall in Love? Warm Bodies movie film releases on February 1st, 2013 and so far the attention it is drawing is growing everyday from Tweenies, Romanticizers, and even Zombie Finatics.

Warm Bodies is a movie adaptation of the book Warm Bodies novel written by Isaac Marion who tell the story of a young man who is a tormented soul still inside of a Zombie body who falls in love with a woman of his latest victim. All he wants to do is to be with her, his mind is in tact but his zombie body will not allow him to profess his feeling and he is having a hard time trying to resist his undead urges. Not to mention his love interest is the daughter of a military leader who is obsessed with eradicating the walking dead.

This movie could prove you can mix Comedy, Love, and Action all in one Zombie movie.

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