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Use Oxy Absorbers for Dried Food Storage

Food Storage Bags with Oxygen Absorbers

Food Storage Bags with Oxygen Absorbers

If you are able to hold up in area or are a prepper and already have a plan or safe house to go to when the Zombie Apocalypse strikes then food storage will be an absolute necessity. For dried foods such as dried corn, beans, beef jerky, grains, flours, and even rice it is important to use Oxygen Absorbers to elongate the life expectancy of your food bank.

The best way to keep your dried foods lasting forever is simple.

First insert all of your dried foods into a Mylar bag. A Mylar bag is very thick and very puncture resistant. They are also good protection from weathering, and some are lined in foil to keep all of your dried food safe, secure, and fresh. Mylar bags act as an oxygen barrier and can be air tight sealed with your standard clothes iron.

Next, insert an Oxygen/Oxy Absorber, these little guys will greatly extend your dried food up to 25 years plus. Depending on the size of the bag will determine what kind of Ox Absorbers you need to use as well as amount, each Oxy Absorber brand is different so you will need to do a little research before just throwing packets into a bag. Another tip for and Oxygen Absorber is to use packet hand warmers, the ones that are made of fabric and have iron filings. Most of the hand warmers in general store can be used but again you will need to do your research on which ones are best to use for food products and which ones are toxic. Oxygen absorbers not only absorb oxygen to keep your food from spoiling but also protects your food against mold, and pests.

Once you have inserted the food, and the Oxygen absorber into the Mylar bag, now you can seal it up. Be sure to press out as much of the air possible out of the bag, then either twist the top of the bag as tightly as possible and use a tie or use a zip tie and wrench it down as hard as possible. Or if you used the correct Mylar bag you can also use an iron or melting tool to air tight the seal of the bag completely, if you have removed most of the air the bag should slowly begin to shrink wrap around your dried food, eliminating all oxygen in the bag.

Some apocalypse preppers will have a safe house of some sort that will protect themselves from the walking dead, and if you are one of these people make sure you have a really good store of food in your protective structure and keep your dried foods as safe and fresh as possible. Fresh grown foods and animal proteins are the best types of foods to keep your body working at full capacity.

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