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A guide for Zombies and life

Traveling Tips in the Land of the Undead Zombies

Develop your skill and find out what kind of Zombie Survivor you will be.

When the Zombie apocalypse comes it will be survival of the fittest but like any apocalypse you will need to make some heavy choices. One of those choices will be whether to deal with it alone, in a small group, or in a large pack, even a community sanctuary.

If you travel alone, you will always be looking over your shoulder and sleeping may be a little more stressful when you are alone. But the great thing about being singular is that your movement will be much more quick and quiet. You will not have to depend on anyone else but yourself which puts you in less harms way. But if you lack in basic survival skills you are in for a bumpy ride and your chances of survival are very thin, so before the zombie apocalypse comes and you choose to be a loner traveling the earth or a stationary hermit brush up on your basic survival skills. Going at it alone you will need both great physical fitness as well as have the intelligence to be ingenuitive.

Being a small group is probably the best choice but make sure you can trust your companions, your trust within each other will be tested to the extreme. The key for a small group of 3 to 5 people will be the trust, the trust that each member will carry their own weight and will carry out the jobs entrusted with that member. A small group will have a high success rate in working together. Mobility within a small group will be fast, which will enable your groups to go for point A to B without any major hassles and even less zombie engagements. For optimal performance out of a small group you will need leadership roles and a chain of command. It would not hurt to have one person in the group with military leadership and  command experience. The good thing about a group is that you will not need to loose your humanity and can be a little more empathetic to other people in the group needs or travelers you come in contact with. But be very weary of travelers who wish to join your group, get too many in your groups and your tactics will need to change drastically.

Traveling in a large pack of people is not recommended, even if you are in a stationary place this is usually a really bad idea because you are not large enough for a community and not small enough to be mobile. Being mobile will be nearly impossible because not everyone can travel at the same speed and because you have more people this means more sympathy which will only create more people to join your group and more worried if the people you pick up will be principled or not. The biggest thing tested in a large group will be your humanity, because if your group is on the run there will be many times you will have to leave people behind with out hesitation. Not only that, your supplies will take a huge toll and people will need to make decisions on to whether to share or to survive. If you go back to save one you will kill 3 in the process. The good thing about a large group will be that small zombie groups will be easier to take care of quickly and efficiently assuming your pack is organized. But if you meet up with a large zombie squad as large or even bigger than yours there is not enough time to organize a defense and your group will be too slow and immobile enough to retreat. In other words there is too much to worry about for a large pack of people to exist in this type of setting. The exception would be a military group, organized crime, or religious groups that tend to have a chain of command establish and have redundancy plans.

A community will most likely not be mobile, ever. But a community will need to rely on everyone’s ability to adapt quickly and have some type of job to contribute. Usually communities will build a structure with defenses all around them. They will also need to rely on being completely organized if a large amount of zombies attacks a community it would be up to the community as a whole to repel that attacks quickly and efficiently. Small groups and packs of zombies will will usually not be a problem to a community, but the weather is. Heavy rains, earthquakes, tornadoes, and even heatwaves can kill a community in seconds.


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