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A guide for Zombies and life

The Walking Dead: TV Series

The Walking Dead has been the best Zombie apocalypse show on TV to date. With good special effects, awesome story line, and a cast of characters that is a perfect match.

The Walking Dead starts off as small town Sheriff Rick Grimes is shot in the line of fire by a felon and is rushed o the hospital leaving his wife and child behind while going into a coma. He awakens months later to an empty hospital and his room boarded up. When he reaches the outside world he realizes that his town has been taken over by Zombies and he may be the only person left alive. Rick rushes home to find his wife Lori and son Carl are missing. But by miracle find his wife and son with his best friend and Sheriff partner Shane as well as a small group of survivors. They all end up taking a journey trying to find other survivors and salvation with the group but must battle the hordes of zombies and unprincipled groups of people that want to do them harm.

This weekly show on the AMC channel has already reached multiple seasons and has been the best show on TV about the Zombie Apocalypse and how it might actually be. It will keep you wanting more and give great insight on how you may actually have to survive in an Un-Dead world.

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