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A guide for Zombies and life

The Truth behind Zombies: Natural Geographic Documentary

Truth About Zombies

Truth About Zombies

This documentary takes a look at the realism about zombies and what real chaos they can cause. Bringing in experts of almost every field “The Truth about Zombies” is a real look into the re-animated dead.  Making associations with real history, everything from the Black Plague, Voodoo, and even Hypnosis “The Truth Behind Zombies “ covers a large range of different theories that could be close enough to realism then we would like to believe.

Max Brooks, author of “The Zombie Survival Guide”, explains the biggest problem if a Zombie Apocalypse comes will be the infection itself and how quickly it could spread across the world if not treated quickly and precisely. And even though he agrees that Zombies is a very fictional thing it is a great way to be prepared for any disaster to imagine you in a Zombie Apocalypse position.

There has been a real account of Zombism in the Voodoo religion where a man South Africa came back from the dead 18 years later and claimed to be a Zombie. When he was 18 he went to the doctors with flu like symptoms and 24 hours later he died inside of an American Hospital where a United States Doctor time stamped his least breath of life. The man claims that he was brought back to life and made to work in fields by his master. After further research they found that what this man went though is possible if he was injected with the Puffer Fish Poison which could possibly stop his heart for a good period of time so that it looked like death, and then revived. And with the power of hypnosis he could have been forced to work at a field under the power of Voodoo.

Another theory of how Zombies could be made is mutated virus from animals, possibly and AIDS or Rabies strand of virus.

A large part of the resources given to this documentary comes from the Zombie Research society which deal with everything zombie and one of the members can give good reason why zombies could exist being a Brain Surgeon.

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