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The Crovel replaces 40 pounds of tools in one

The Crovel was developed by an Ex-Special forces soldier and a current Doomsday Apocalypse prepper and he has done an excellent job in merging multiple tools into one small 5 pound packaged instrument of creation and destruction. There are 2 versions the Crovel and Crovel Extreme and both are extremely versatile.

The handle is 14 inches of hollow steel and you can store a multiple of other survival items such and fire starters, fishing hooks and line, water purification tablets, snare wire, flashlight, pocket knife, toilet paper or wipes, even your car or home keys. The handle is plugged at the end with an aluminum threaded plug the is easy to put on or take off quickly and effectively locks in.

The hammer head and claw at both ends of the steel handle can help you build or take out nails this also makes a great blunt weapon if you are in a rush. The hammer head has a very wide surface to include hammering long spikes or anything else heavy duty. The claw has been fitted with a working chisel to add to the already pry bar claw.

The shovel side of the Crovel is wicked! One side of the Crovel Shovel tool has a very sharp blade which can be used to heavy shopping and is able to chop firewood and sharp enough to cut through a full sized pig (or Zombie neck). The other side of the shovel has a serrated area to saw through and cut through items that need to be sawed.

The Crovel is Patent Pending and has over 100 functions from about 13 tools that are built into the this piece of art. The crovel really is the ultimate in camping and survival tools there is not another gear equipment that comes close to what this thing can do. Developed by GearUp this item is had to find because of how quickly it sells out.

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