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A guide for Zombies and life

Tactical Suits or Armor Can Be Your Main Protection Against Zombies

Great Tactical Armor or tactical equipment can save your life against the Zombies.

Great Tactical Armor or tactical equipment can save your life against the Zombies.

One of the best protections you can have is some type of armor or tactical accessory that Zombies can not bite through but what you get in protection you loose in speed so it is important to find a balance between the two. But now a days police and military tactical armor is very light and will not allow any walking biters to penetrate the plates or cuffs.

You do not want something that is going to slow you down too much the reason being if one zombie is able to tackle you and you are not able to move quickly enough to get up and run away the rest of the zombie swarm will be able to start ripping through your protection quickly and then lunch time for them.

Tactical Armor can be worn at all times but most likely you will want to use it in the most zombie infested areas where walkers will be lurking in every corner. You will still need a lot of speed and strength so you can throw zombies off of you with no problem or if you have to bug out quickly and run away.

You can get a good total set of tactical armor made of Cavlar, heavy woven light meshes, or metal inserts for around 500 to 600 dollars. One tactical vest runs about 150 to 200 dollars but zombie biters will grab anything so we suggest getting a total set that will protect your head, neck, arms, and legs. A good set of leather boots and gloves will protect you hand and feet but you should be more concerned about your appendages that will be exposed.



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