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Supernatural: Croatoan Zombies

Super Natural TV Series

Super Natural TV Series

Supernatural is a TV Series on the CW Network about two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who are supernatural hunters that get into adventures by hunting Ghosts, searching for their father, and stopping the apocalypse. Most of the TV series they hunt Ghosts and demons but in a few episodes they cover Croatoan zombies or “Croates”.

In Supernatural season 5, episode 4 “The End” Dean is flung into 2014 about 5 years into the future by an Angel named Zachariah. There Zachariah forces Dean to see the future and what is to come if Dean does not allow the Archangel Michael to use his body to defeat Lucifer. There the world has been infected with a virus that they call Croatoan that make people crazy and Zombie like. There Dean finds his pals Bobby a fellow hunter, Chuck a prophet of god, Castiel a fallen Angel who is now human, and his future self who seems to be hardened by battle. He find that his brother Sam has allowed Lucifer to inhabit his body and is now bringing the Demon war to earth. Dean has 3 days in this future hell to view what is to come.

Croates are not like the traditional Zombies, in fact they seem to be more human than most media professes. Croates are more like crazy humans with supernatural speed and strength. They can use weapons, and they attack like savages. They are a lot harder to bring down and kill but mostly like if a human were on PCP or heavy drug that effects the brain, you can kill Croates just like any other human being but because of their crazy mind state they take a lot more work. Croates are infected by a virus and seems to be transferred by scratches, bites, and blood transfer. This is a Demon created Virus and in more mystical and supernatural.

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