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A guide for Zombies and life

Sledge Hammer Versus Zombies

Sledge Hammer is a great weapon against zombies.

Sledge Hammer is a great weapon against zombies.

The sledge hammer is a very heavy but even more deadly weapon as long as you know how to use it and if you have the strength to wield it. The long range will give you the ability to keep zombies off your body and with one swing you can take out more than one zombie at a time.

There are two major attacks that the Sledge hammer can do the most damage. The first is the swing, you need to keep your feet shoulder width and 1/2 apart while keeping your lead foot forward which is your opposite foot of your dominant hand. Keep a very strong sturdy core base with your body grounded and swing your sledge hammer all the way back and whip it forward with a killing intent towards the head, neck, or body of your undead opponent. When you make a connection with your sledge make sure you follow through all the way with your swing while opening up your hips, speed and power are key. The great thing about a sledge is that if you make connection to the head you will have one seriously dead zombie, but if you happen to miss and make connection with the body you will have a flying zombie going the opposite direction of where it wanted to be.

The second attack is a thrust attack, this is perfect for pushing zombies backwards in a violent way. With the same sturdy base position keep your hand about 18 inches apart with your dominant hand closest to the bottom handle and thrust forward with it while using your left had as a guide. By pushing it forward as quickly as possible the large metal head of the sledge hammer weight will be enough to punch your zombie backwards and give you time to recoil. You can also use the same thrust with both hands as a swing but this will bring you closer into combat and will give you a higher chance of danger.

Warning! You will need an incredible amount to strength to keep wielding this weapon, if you find yourself surrounded a sledge will tire you out very quickly. So if you are only 5 ft tall and only 120 pounds soaking wet then a Sledge hammer will not be your weapon of choice. But if you are built like an all pro football linebacker with good stamina then a sledge hammer can be your best friend.

The advantages of a sledge hammer is that this blunt Thor like object will rarely dull out and you do not need to sharpen it or even a lot of maintenance except for the occasional wipe down. The disadvantage will be the size and the weight of this object, hauling this weapon around is not preferable for anyone.

Selecting a good sledge hammer is pretty basic the most common weights are 10 pounds and 12 pounds and you should look into a fiber glass handle since that will lessen the weight and will be a lot more durable than a wooden handle. Your basic sledge hammer runs about 15 to 25 dollars at your local hardware store but we suggest you get the nice fiberglass handle types that run between 30 to 40 dollars each, plus the fiberglass handles usually have a comfort guard that will give you more grip and comfort to your hands.

Note: There is a great scene in the movie “Quarantine” where a fire fighter is in full action with a sledge hammer



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