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A guide for Zombies and life

Skillet or Pan Versus Zombies

Cast Iron Skillet Vs. Zombies

Cast Iron Skillet Vs. Zombies

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens and your weapons are running low you may need to use a variety of blunt weapons at your disposal. One of the better weapons to use can be a Pan or skillet. You can not use just any pan or skillet you will need to make sure it is sturdy and can take a beating. The best style of skillet will be a cast iron skillet since it is made as one whole piece, heavy and will take massive beating, and can wield it quickly much like a tennis racket. Most of your skillets and pans made are a 2-piece item, the pan is one part and the handle is bolted on or screwed on, these are horrible choices of type of pans since you are more likely to break the handle off in one quick swing.

When you swing a pan or skillet it is important that you have your feet shoulder width apart with your lead foot slightly forward, and with your skillet hand swing your arm completely back and forward with everything you have either over hand or sideways. We suggest aiming for the head this way when you make a connection the force of your swing plus hitting a zombie high will give a better chance for knocking your zombie down.

Unfortunately killing a zombie with a skillet would take and incredible amount of strength or a long time of smashing down onto the brain so keep in mind that a Skillet would be more of a defensive weapon to get away from your zombie aggressor and not really a tool to kill zombies.

Also cooking with your pan or skillet after a Zombie skirmish is not a very good idea since there is not a lot of information on the Zombie Virus. And Especially with a cast iron skillet since the cast iron was developed to absorb the tastes of meat and oils into the pan. So our best suggestion once you have used it as a weapon, keep it as a weapon.

Since the apocalypse has not come yet this is not a bad item to have around the house plus if you are a big protein meat eater cooking on a cast iron skillet is one of the best and tastier ways to eat your meats. Cast Iron skillets are also great for camp cooking out doors on a camp fire and easy to clean you do not wash it with soap. A good Cast iron skillet goes for about 15 dollars to 40 dollars depending on the brand name and size.

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