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A guide for Zombies and life

Seleting a Hand Gun for the Zombie Apolocalypse

Using a handgun on a zombie has advantages as well as disadvantages so use your gun wisely.

Selecting a had gun for the ugly undead is actually tougher than you think. Especially if you have never used a hand gun in your life. Our suggestion is first to acquire a gun that is best suited to you by caliber and size. If you are a 90 pound female with limited strength then acquiring a 50 caliber Desert Eagle hand cannon will probably not be your pistol of choice. You have to weigh the actual weight of the gun, versus caliber of bullet. The smaller the caliber the less time it will take you to aim again.

The best caliber of hand gun bullets all around will be 9mm or higher. The perfect bullet will also be hollow tip, regular bullets will rip through flesh so quickly there will be limited stopping power so when you miss the head and hit the body they will fly through and will not slow down zombies as much as you would like.With a hollow point shell the purpose of the bullet is to mushroom out which will have a much harder impact which will make a head shot explode and push the whole body back when you miss the head but hit the body. Also 9mm bullets are a very common bullet round so if you run out, scavenging for more will be less of a problem.

When you are dealing with a high stress and zombie infested area make sure you aim for the head but a little low so if you miss you will still hit the flesh area. With non-hollow tip bullets you will need to have an aim small miss small mentality.

Further down the line bullets may become scarce so make sure you are not using your bullets frivolously. They will become a very sought out item if or when the zombie apocalypse comes, bullets will be one of the first thing people will run out to get right away so make sure you have your supply ahead of time so you will not need to scavenge so hard when it starts to become scarce.

The other big draw back of using a gun will be loud noise it will produce per shot. Once you fire a shot, unless you have a silencer, any zombie in the area will hear it and be drawn to the noise. So we will assume the only time you will need your hand gun is if you are out of assault rifle bullets, and or you are in a crap load of trouble.

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