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A guide for Zombies and life

Machete Versus Zombies

Machete Vs. Zombies

Machete Vs. Zombies

The Machete is the peoples choice of zombie killing weapons. It has multiple uses and the bigger and longer the machete is the better as long as you are strong enough to wield it. If you are ambidextrous why not go double fisting and look like a true bad ass. The machete is also a great tool for what is was designed to do which is clear out foliage and even sharpen wooden weapons. A machete is also light weight, easy to carry, and never needs to be reloaded.

The best way to use a machete is a sideways swing, or overhand swing towards the head of a zombie. To complete this action keep your feet shoulder width apart with the machete in your dominant hand. Step forward with your opposite foot and swing targeting your zombie opponents head. If you are swinging over hand be careful of the zombie leaning forward and ducking down for the body tackle so your distance when you swing will be a little further. If you are swinging side arm (the best way) open up your hips mid swing to generate more power and speed with your body core and follow though so that you can make a clean cut through, if your blade gets stuck get ready to push kick the zombie off and recoil back into your fighting stance for a repeat or secondary foe.

A Machete can be easy to find at your local hardware store or with the right materials and tools you can custom make one yourself. Your average Machete goes for anywhere between 10 to 50 dollars depending on length and size so remember that the bigger the better depending on how strong you are to wield it. You can find a good Machete at your local hardware store or army surplus store.

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