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A guide for Zombies and life

Longbow versus Undead Zombies

The Longbow is a great weapon to carry during a Zombie Apocalypse and even though it is considered the analog version of the Compound Bow it still carries the weight on its shoulders very well. In fact the weight of most longbows is only around one pound and carries easily in a bow sleeve and quill much better than a compound bow will. But just like any weapon this weapon needs a good basic skill training on it before you can really be effective with such a weapon.

The only major problems with a long bow is the accuracy is not as good as a compound bow and gets extremely inaccurate past 50 yards unless you a veteran marksman with a long bow. The draw on a long bow is very quick once you get the hang of it and even a novice marksman with quick hands can get about 10 shots off in a minute. If you know how to make your own arrows for a longbow then you will have unlimited ammo for life because unlike a compound bow making arrows for a longbow is much more forgiving and does not need to be an exact aerodynamic stick.

The other problems with the longbow other than the inaccuracy past 50 yards is really nothing. This weapon does very well for hunting animals for food and protecting yourself against other invaders.

We feel with the speed of the draw and the ability to have unlimited drawn arrows from a quill this weapon is really a great one to have as long as you have the expertise to use it. Even with the limited accuracy issues that still does not out weigh the speed and quietness of this weapon.

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