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A guide for Zombies and life

Desperately in the Desert and need food? Try Rattle Snake.

If you find yourself surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in the desert then you may have a completely fortified area where you can see miles around you in a safe protected environment, but your supplies will be harder to come by. But if you are in area that are heavy in Rattle Snakes then do not fret these little dangerous slithering critters could be the food you need to survive. With dangerous fangs, and quick strike ability this is a hard reptile to take down but with a few tools and some courage they can be a tastee food source for your own survival.

First you must be equipped to take one down. You will need heavy boots that snake fangs will not penetrate, a snake catcher which can be any type of long stick with a claw at the end or you can even use a very strong and sturdy trash claw. A shovel in case you need to dig or use it as a weapon. And a trash can to keep your snake in once you catch it.

To catch a rattle snake you must be still and quiet most Rattle Snake dens are mostly found in dry areas covered with large rocks or they can also be found in piles of wood or tree limbs. If you have diesel you can spray this around a den and this will make the snakes in a disoriented or drunk state and will flush them out with out you having to look under areas or sticking things through holes.

Once you have flushed out your snake or snakes be careful of your surrounding, you do not want to trip over anything and surrounded by snakes. Maneuver yourself behind them so that you have the attack advantage. Now pin the snake behind the head using your claw stick and you can use your shovel to cut the head off, make sure you are cutting the about 2 to 3 inches behind the head. Collect the body and head and put it in the trash can, be careful of the head because it can still move around and bite for up to an hour so use your claw to put it in the can.

Now that you have your Rattle Snakes you can use all the parts for your own survival first use the heads and squeeze out the venom into a glass cup you can do this my pinching the back of the head, placing the top fangs on the top of the glass while the fangs are inside the cup and pressing down on the head against the glass this will extract the venom into the cup. You can use the venom to poison arrows or darts if you find yourself needing to use force against human predators.  The poison will most likely not work on Zombies.

Take the body and squease out the blood from the area of cut off head into another cup or glass, Rattle Snake blood is made up of 80% water and can be a water source for emergencies.

Slice the snake down the middle all the way to the rattle area then from the top pull the snake skin down towards the rattle pulling the scaly skin off the meat of the snake. Then cut off the rattle, you can use the rattle for many things but as a survival piece it is kind of worthless. Now you have a snake skin you can use to make things with such as clothing or rope, and you have snake meat that is full of nutrients and doesn’t taste to bad on a grill.

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