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High School of the Dead H.O.T.D. Anime TV Series

High School Of The Dead H.O.T.D.

High School of the Dead or H.O.T.D. is a Japanese Manga turned to Anime TV show created by Kadokawa Shoten and picked up in North America under Anime Network.

High School of the Dead takes place in present day Japan until one day when Zombies invade and pandemic breaks out all across  the country a band of High School students come together to survive and possibly find their parents and loved ones. But unfortunately they must stay in the school because it is much more fortified to protect themselves so they are stuck just trying to keep alive. Faced with killing their classmates and friends turned Zombie a small group bands together to keep fighting for survival not matter what the cost.

Like most teens in High School there is a lot more drama that ensues with the teens as they have to deal with the regular High School drama even though they are surrounded by the Walking Dead.

High School of the Dead is actually a decent Anime series and is very entertaining but there is a lot of sexual content with teenagers so if you are okay with that and you enjoy Anime Cartoons then this series about zombies is worth a try.

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