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A guide for Zombies and life

Hatchets Versus Zombies

Hatchet Vs. Zombies

Hatchet Vs. Zombies

The hatchet is a good tool to have but not really for a main weapon against the zombie apocalypse mostly because the short range. If you are killing zombies in mass number you want to keep your distance in case of quick aggressive  biters. But the hatchet makes a really good secondary weapon if your primary weapon gives out or runs out of bullets. You are better off keeping a hatchet around for survival purposes and one on one confrontations.

The best way to use a hatchet is a quick hard swing against a zombie noggin. The technique of using a hatchet as a weapon is simple. Keep a good foot base about shoulder width apart with your hatchet in your dominant hand. step forward with your opposite foot and swing as hard as you can with the one arm either side arm or overhand while aiming for the head of your undead foe. Make sure if you are swinging sideways that you open up your hips, this will generate much more speed and power generated by your core. Follow through with your swing and the object is to split the head open, destroying the brain. In case your hatched gets stuck in the head goo, use a good front kick with your right foot and recoil back into the same position when you first started and be ready for a second swing in case your first strike was not hard enough or if you have a secondary target.

Be careful of swinging your hatchet overhand because a zombie can lean in quickly and close the distance quicker if they are falling towards you.

Hatchets are great for making tools and weapons if you are in a survival mode and also really good at skinning animals if you are hunting for food. A good hatchet will be sturdy and just heavy enough for you to wield with one hand. Always keep your blade sharp with a grinding machine, or a sharpening stone and make it a habit to keep your Hatchet in good shape.

A good hatchet will run you around 15 to 30 dollars depending on if you get a wood handle or fiberglass. The draw back on the wood handle is that you run the risk of the wood becoming warped, or worn which is why we would push you into getting a fiberglass Hatchet that will last you forever.

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