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A guide for Zombies and life

Find Fish, not Zombies!

Eat Fish so Zombies do not eat you!

When the Zombie Apocalypse comes and food become more and more scare one of the things you will need to think long an hard about is a source of good protein foods. Living off canned goods and dried food boxes is not enough for the human body to live off of. In fact most canned foods and boxed foods are severely depleted of nutritional value.

One type of animal you can hunt for as food is fish. You will need to do a little research on which types of fish are non-poisonous but if you can find a body of water that has a good fish supply then you might have a gold mine of ever lasting life in the Zombie apocalypse world, assuming the Zombie containment can not affect water or fish.

Eating fish has a huge amount of proteins, iron, and fats that the body needs to keep going and moving on the run. Another great thing about fishing is that you do not necessarily need to cook the fish to eat it. When you cook fish to eat you destroy some of the valuable nutrients that your body can really use.

Another bad thing about cooking fish is that you will need a way to heat it and fire is a definite way of attracting unwanted attention, from either more Zombies or other unprincipled survivors.

So the things you would need to learn is to first how to fish and how to look for areas that would be rich in our little tasty finned friends. Have the tools to cut open and clean your prey, you can even chip off a piece of rock and use the sharp jagged edge to cut the fish open yourself. And lastly learn to enjoy raw fish, fire attracts attention and cooking takes time, plus with the loss of nutrients cooked your body will love you more with any extra vitamins and minerals that you can supply it with.


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