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Desert Eagle Handgun Pistol .50 Versus Zombies

There a multiple types and designs of the Desert Eagle Handgun Pistol with .50 caliber bullets but only few can handle this hand cannon which makes it a very different prospect for killing zombies. If you can get your hands on one of these pistols during the zombie apocalypse, consider yourself very lucky but if you are not strong enough and trained well enough to use it then you might only keep it for trade later down the line.

Initially the Desert Eagle was developed by the same people who brought the Galil and the Uzi into the world, Israel Military Industries. Because of the cost of business they transferred and manufactured this weapon in the United States by Magnum Research. After Magnum had the patent for Desert Eagles it is a huge blur of who now owns the complete rights to the weapon but for simplicity there are 3 types of Desert Eagles. Pre-Magnum era, Magnum era, and Post-Magnum Era.

Almost all .50 cal Desert Eagles will have the same problems, the first is the maintenance you will need to keep the gas valve clean… Yes if you are not familiar with a desert eagle they come with a gas valve, but the gun field stripping is easy, but unlike some guns you will need to make sure it is kept in shape on a daily basis.

Bullets for the Desert Eagle are expensive, heavy, and bulky each pull of the trigger will cost you anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 per shot. If you currently own a Desert Eagle you may want to purchase bullets now before they become scarce these are not common bullets you will find down the road.

The weight of a Desert Eagle is extremely heavy for a handgun, most of them weight anywhere between 3 to 6 pounds. Most men and women will have a hard time holding this gun steady so if you get one now start doing curls 5 pounds does not sound much until you need to really focus and aim. But if this become a primary weapon for you make sure your skills firing this weapon is spot on, this is not a gun you can just grab along the way and start using the weight and the power of the shot will mess up your aiming within a few shots.

This gun is extremely sturdy though, you can probably use the butt of this gun to crack a zombie head open and pistol whip across a rock formation across the face and it would only cause a few scratches. We have even heard rumors because of the sturdiness and the weight you can use the butt of the gun like a hammer, but we do not recommend that.

Because of the style of gun and the caliber of the bullets each shot is equal to twice the speed and velocity of a .45 caliber weapon and hits like a .308 Winchester so what this means for zombies is lots and lots of holes and zombies flying in the air. If you have a few Zombies lined up you can fire one shot and it will go through 5 of them with no problems at all.

We feel the fun in killing zombies with a Desert Eagle would reach a 10 out of 10 review but the actual economics of having one during the apocalypse would only be a 3 out of 10. The reasoning would mostly be this gun is only for a specific type of person who can handle it, the cleaning it over and over would be annoying, and the cost of bullets or even finding more would be an extra hunt where ever you go.

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