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A guide for Zombies and life

Crowbar Versus Zombies

Crowbar against Zombies get a huge double Thumbs Up!

Crowbar against Zombies get a huge double Thumbs Up!

There are many uses for a crowbar but killing zombie could be its best use during the Zombie Apocalypse. Even though most industrial crowbars are very heavy they have multiple uses such as opening locked doors quickly but if you are able to wield the heavy metal crowbar then i’ts an indestructible machine of zombie death. Industrial crowbars are usually baseball bat size and even though they are heavy they will also not get damaged or break very easily. Speed counts for most everything but the power of a crowbar can compensate for the slower speeds.

REMEMBER! Never strike a zombie with the hook side of the crown bar it may get stuck and now you might have a live zombie stick at the end of your weapon with now way of getting it out!

The best way to strike a Zombie with a Crowbar is to get into a good hitting stance much like a baseball bat swing, your hands should be positioned one over another on the handle if you are right handed your left hand should be under your right and vice verse if you are left handed your hands reversed with your right palm facing you. Your feet should be positioned shoulder width apart and bring your arms and hands back across you right side until you feel tightness across you waist and right side. Once a Zombie is in range with your left foot step forward and swing your arms towards your target to unleash your strike, just before connection open up your hips and follow through with your swing until the Crowbar has reached your left shoulder blade. Be sure to use the curved side to strike since you don’t want to get any piece of the crowbar to get stuck into the Zombie. Another tip is to make sure you strike hard for the head, it is okay if you miss low since the weight of the crowbar will still send the zombie flying.

A good crowbar goes for about 20 dollars to 60 dollars. To select the best crowbar we suggest going to your local hardware store and find out which brand, weight, and length you want your crowbar to be. Find out which one is the perfect weight and length to have for your body type.

A good crowbar will have multiple uses but as a blunt weapon against the Zombie Apocalypse we give a big huge double thumbs up for sturdiness, economics, and raw power.

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