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Compound Bow versus Zombies

Compound Bow against Zombies

The Compound Bow is one of the better weapons for dispatching the Undead Zombie scourge. Most compound bows are very light and handle very easily, assuming you know how to fire one. If you do not know how to fire one then before you use one make sure you get correct lessons or you may peel a large chunk of skin off your forearm.

Compound bows have great handling and are extremely accurate and will fire as far as you can aim depending on the weight tension of the bow strings. The arrows give you additional offensive attacks since you can use each arrow as a stabbing weapon. But the biggest attributes to a compound bow is they are very silent when firing off arrows, and if you are taking out one zombie at a time you can carefully retrieve your arrows. Most compound bows focus on being light and durable but takes days to get used to a weapon like this but once you have it mastered you can use this awesome weapon to take down lots of zombie without giving away your position, and you can double it as a hunting weapon for food.

Even though a bow is built to weather the best of natural disasters we would not recommend using the bow itself as a blunt weapon because of so many of the working parts that need to be calibrated. And even though the Compound bow is light it is still bulky and if you are going by foot you will need to either get a specific holster for your bow and will need to make one so it stays out of your way of movement. The other draw back is still the ammunition of arrows, most compound bows are specialized to fire a certain type of arrow by length and size and once you loose an arrow it may be very hard to find more and in some parts of the United States it might be harder to find more arrows than it is to find more bullets.  If you know how to make compound bow arrows yourself then obviously this problem does not affect you as much. We asked a few shops that sell bows if you can make arrows for compound bows and even though they said yes they said it may hinder accuracy greatly. Another problem with a compound bow is that it is much harder to pull back on the bow strings which means you are slower to draw your bow before firing, but the accuracy on a compound bow is also much higher than most non-gun projectile weapons.

In all the Compound bow is a must have survival weapon if you know how to use one at an advanced or expert level because of the ability to clear out and area without making a single sound and the ability to retrieve your arrows.

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