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A guide for Zombies and life

UNDYING: Post-apocalyptic Zombies (film) – On Kick Starter

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Live Events, Media, Movies & Television, News & Blog | 0 comments

A movie that reinvents the zombie in a post-apocalyptic world. By the Wasteland Weekend crew and a VFX Oscar nominee. We had a chance to...

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Zombie Plush Pillows – Cute, Cuddly, and Vicious

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in Fun Novelty, Home Decor, News & Blog | 0 comments

These plush Zombie fold out pillows are perfect for anyone, they are very soft plush dolls that can fold up into a Zombie or be unfolded...

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A Human Zombie Outlook on Life

Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in News & Blog | 0 comments

The undead seem to be here to stay, refusing to dieā€¦ consuming our bodies and life sources like its peanut butter and jelly. The recent...

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Wasteland Weekend 2013 Tickets are now on Sale be the first 1500

Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Live Events, News & Blog, Survival | 1 comment

Wasteland Weekend has opened up their event ticket sales for 2013 you can purchase the tickets by going...

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Warm Bodies: Movie Trailer

Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Media, Movies & Television, News & Blog | 0 comments

Zombies can fall in Love? Warm Bodies movie film releases on February 1st, 2013 and so far the attention it is drawing is growing everyday...

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Wasteland Weekend on Attack of the Show G4 2012

Posted by on Dec 2, 2012 in Live Events, Media, Movies & Television, News & Blog | 0 comments

Wasteland Weekend makes its mark on Attack of the Show on the G4 channel. Most of the creators and set developers had a chance to show off...

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