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Can Zombies have Babies?

Baby Zombie

A question came to us out of left field in the spectrum of questions.

Can Zombies have babies?

Well as our first community question, we would have to say…   I guess we will need back to you on that one and take a look at the different scenarios and get back to you.

We do not believe that zombies can procreate, but it does not mean that a mother carrying a baby late term can not give birth to a zombie baby. We think if a baby is late term and a mother is bit then actually the baby might be quite safe for a few hours because the umbilical cord giving the baby is designed to ward off viruses and infections but anything past a few hours when the mother turns zombie, then the baby would too. The baby zombie would become self aware of its situation and more likely tear its way out of the zombie mother.

If a woman who is pregnant gets bit an the baby has not developed any type of structure limbs, eyes, or teeth then even though the baby might become a zombie baby there is nothing it can do but die because at that point it has no survival skill set.

If a normal baby after it is born is infected, then yes you can have a baby zombie crawl around trying its best to survive but without the ability to care for itself or even have the ability to bite and eat the threat level of a baby zombie is very low. But then again if a full adult zombie is munching on a baby zombie there probably would not be much left of it before it becomes baby zombie.

There really are not many other situations than that, we are please that this is our first questions asked of us, and we hope we have answered to the best of our ability!

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