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A guide for Zombies and life

Baseball Bat Versus Zombies

Baseball or Softball Bat against Zombies is a fine weapon!

Baseball or Softball Bat against Zombies is a fine weapon!

A baseball bat is a perfect blunt weapon to carry around during the Zombie apocalypse, most baseball bats and softball bats are made of hard woods, Aluminum, and ceramic developed for light weight and high velocity swings. Even thought this weapon is not built to kill a zombie very well unless you have won some home run derby trophies or if you decided to take you time and mash a zombies head in it is a very effective way to get zombies away from you while keeping your distance.

The best way to use a baseball bat is to keep your body sideways, feet shoulder width apart with your left foot pointed at your target. Your hands should be placed as your left hand underneath your right and your knuckles  should be parallel to each other. Bring your hands and arm back and coil your body slightly until you feel a little back tension on your left side. As soon as your target comes within distance step with your left foot towards your target and swing your bat as hard as you can targeting the head of your Zombie rival. You can also use the same maneuver but with and over hand swing but you are much more quick and accurate with a sideways swing plus if a zombie lounges at you an over hand swing will have a less of a chance to making contact before a zombie can take a bite out of you.

The baseball bat is a formidable weapon and the light weight makes it easy to travel with. Also if you come across some unprincipled human pirates or thieves and have morality against killing another human being a baseball bat will add protection without a lethal remorse.

We give high props to the Baseball or softball bat, no matter what kind of material it is made of you can be sure that it is made to hit again, and again without problems. Aluminum bats may welt or bend but the high density still give  it a high durability.

A good baseball bat goes for about 15 to 100 dollars we suggest purchasing one at medium grade preferably a Louisville Slugger aluminum bat and place it right next to your bed for home invaders or a Zombie.


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