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All Hail the Crimson King AHTCK Music Band

All Hail The Crimson King Music Band

All Hail the Crimson King or AHTCK is a great Post-Apocarock band put together to give the Apocalypse fans exactly the music they were looking for. Located in Southern California All Hail the Crimson King has played all over, developing high energy, imaginative stories in tune with a Rock and Heavy Metal music persona. This music band is known for standing out from the crowd and other bands, and are a great guys to party with.

They travel around the United States putting on great shows and developing great fans. This year they played a huge gig for a couple thousand people at Wasteland Weekend which is one of the largest events for Post Apocalypse communities around.

If you get a chance to view this band we recommend doing so, their shows are fun, the fans are great, the music is great, and the band members are awesome guys.

The band is headed by Tim Cottage as rhythm guitarist and lead vocals, Darren Hendrix Lead Guitarist the lose friends who put together this artistic band. They have found to join their merry band Lloyd Hart on Bass, Drummer Larry Katz.

Also a special guest for Wasteland Weekend is Cody Witten who is featured in the video but is no longer with the band but still special in their bloody hearts.

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