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A guide for Zombies and life

A Human Zombie Outlook on Life

Beautiful Zombie Woman

Beautiful Zombie Woman

The undead seem to be here to stay, refusing to die… consuming our bodies and life sources like its peanut butter and jelly. The recent re-surge of the undead in our community of the living is a constant reminder of our mortality and the life stages we go through. Though some of us won’t go down that path…most of us will face the reaper when he comes and take his lead willingly, passing over to the other side with grace and a sigh of relief from a life well lived.

So who or what decides the fate of a Zombie? The tortured soul of a human being made to live the last days of his or her existence here on earth as a rotting corpse, made to eat the flesh of other living things…animal or human just to survive another day. Is it karma? It is quite possible that a person could have done some downright dirty, mean, scandalous deeds in his or her lifetime and somehow attracted the already existing zombie to come and take a chunk out of him or her. Turning them into a fellow monster to walk around moaning, stinking and bleeding on a constant search to satisfy a burning hunger that never seems to go away. That in my opinion would be a sentence in hell. I would much rather just be one of the “unlucky” ones who is fully consumed and die right then and there on the spot, not having to go on…eating the flesh of others for survival.

Is it already in the plan of our journey set for us by the creator? Making some of us a sort of Natural Born Killer? Some may find that hard to believe depending on one’s religious views, or lack thereof. I wonder if a person of strict religion would view them as demons… sent here by Satan himself. I have read that in the Voodoo religion an animated corpse can be made from a person by capturing their soul into a jar, and casting a spell on them, which would be an act of Hoodoo. In Haiti the doer of that deed would be a Bokor, like a witch doctor. There is actual substances that help the bad news come to the unexpected soul at the other end of the the spell casters wishes…who by the way, might believe they are doing a good deed in serving such a punishment to someone. Those substances are natural to make it even more of quizzical phenomena. Shall we question why such an aid of nature would be provided by the universe to enable the torture of someone’s soul? Surely the puffer fish swimming in the sea wasn’t aware of its role to play in the zombification of a bad doer of deeds up on dry land.

Either way you choose to look at the rotting, slow moving, angry and hungry creatures and why or how they got here… you can’t get around the fact they are here and very much a part of our pop culture today. Comic books, movies, novels and novellas are bringing them so much attention now days it seems like the apocalypse they all speak of will be here any day now. Just look at the zombie walks all over the world, people just begging to be bitten and turned.

Oh the gore we live in today. Sleep well my friends, keep the fire throwers and shot guns close at hand. Unless you are one of the willing wanting to join the ranks of the undead.

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