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A guide for Zombies and life

A Good Pair Of Combat Boots Go Far

A must have item when the Zombies come munching on human body parts is a good pair of combat boots. Combat Boots are made for all terrain and whether you are in an urban area or the desert. Once they are broken in boots are perfect for running, climbing, and actual combat. The heavy leather or canvas around the foot, ankle, and bottom part of the leg will protect against zombie ankle biters. And if you are a skilled kicker boots will give you the extra weight behind the swing of your leg to kick press off any zombies without much effort.

The only draw backs to a pair of combat boots are only a few compared to the advantages. The weight of combat boots is something to get used to and you will need adapt to it quickly. Breaking in a pair of combat boots take a little time so we suggest once you get a pair break them in immediately, a great tip is to wear 2 pairs of socks and walk in them for at least a mile for about a week or 2 so that they properly break in. There is no quick way to break in Combat boots except for walking in them for long periods of time so wearing the two pairs of socks will  keep your feet from blistering in them. Because combat boots are air tight and you may have to be walking in them for long periods of time you will need to change your socks regularly, a fresh pair of socks and some baby powder will go a long way if you are traveling for days so keep your feet dry at all times.

Picking the perfect pair of Combat boot will be up to you, there are plenty of types you can pick from canvas, to leather, rubber, and some even are steel toed so it is important that you pick a pair that is custom to you and make sure you do not go cheap on this item you want a pair that is properly built and stitched that will last a long time. You do not need a Combat boot malfunction just because you were trying to save a couple of dollars, always examine, and try on your boots before you decide what are best for you. But we do suggest an all terrain boot and something that is flexible enough for a full on sprint.

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