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A guide for Zombies and life

A Good Lighter May Light Up Your Life

Cool Novelty Lighters

Cool Novelty Lighters

One of the items we suggest you have in a bug out pack or at least on you during Zombie Survival mode is a good lighter, or a Flint and steel strike kit.

But not everything has to suck in the Zombie Apocalypse, like the saying goes it is the little things in life you cherish, so here are some great ideas for novelty lighters you can carry around. Pictured is a Double Barrel Shotgun lighter that lights up both barrels when you pull back the hammer. The Pig Lighter as hilarious as you pull back the knob on the head both nose holes light up for a funny looking lit up pig face, try lighting dynamite with this lighter and see if a smile doesn’t cross your face. The Bullet lighter is basic but a good conversation piece among¬†friends since it is a bullet it will strike up attention. And the last one pictured is a guitar lighter, once you pull the trigger on this bad boy the frets light up and glow across the whole guitar.

each one of these lighters are fully adjustable and fully refillable. You can get any of these lighters as Sterling Company in Redlands or online at Body Jewelry and More dot com just check out their Collectible Novelty Lighters page.

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