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2×4 Wood Stick Versus Zombies

2x4 Wood is a goo Temporary Weapon

2×4 Wood is a goo Temporary Weapon

2×4 wood could be a decent weapon against zombies if that is all you have around, but there are major problems with this big stick. But as an instant, there is nothing else around weapon, this will get you through an attack as a temporary fix.

To use a 2×4 as a weapon you will need to have big hands and a good grip, not only that you will need gloves! With out gloves you are going to splinter up your hands on each swing. You will also need 2 hands to wield a 2×4 because if your hands are big enough to wrap around a 2×4 then you should be using a much larger weapon. You can try to widdle¬†and shave the bottom of a 2×4 for better grip but you risk the problem of weakening the wood. Anther problem with a 2×4 is that unless you find one that is made of heavy hard oak every swing is like playing Russian roulette and you will not know when it will weaken enough to break.

To use a 2×4 as a weapon you will need to take a very good base stance with your left foot forward if you are right handed and reverse if you are left handed, have a good base that will not allow you to be unbalanced on your feet. Then with 2 hands you can swing your 2×4 with killing intent, you can swing across or overhand either way will be devastating. Aim for the head as much as possible, but if you make connection with the body that is okay. The point of a 2×4 will be to knock over a zombie and not really to kill since a 2×4 does not have any sharp edges to pierce the brain.

You can also use a 2×4 as a pole arm but this is not recommended since even with gloves pushing forward and pulling back will cause splintering just the same, Now you will just have larger splinters that will cut up your hands and increase your infect ability if zombie blood gets on you.

We would not recommend a 2×4 as your primary Zombie Apocalypse weapon but if it is the only thing around then it is a great temporary fix. Swing a 2×4 is a long slow process but each connection hit will cause devastating damage even if you are not able to burst a Zombies Brain on the first hit.


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